A tool for building hackable semantic hypertext platforms.


The code for the project is a mixture of Common Lisp and Emacs Lisp, all bundled together as a literate program and available in arxana.tex. For quick browsing purposes, you can also look at arxana.pdf.

The purpose of the program is to manage a database of semantic links ("triples"), and according to my plan it will be useful for many different hypertext and AI-related projects. Currently, it's capacity is limited to importing its own source code into the database, represented using suitable triples, and then browsing and searching this source code, plus a few other features. I'm currently hastening to tie up loose ends and make a public announcement of the program at the end of this term (in about 2 weeks).

Arxana currently depends on CLSQL and SLIME, as well as a SQL database and the Sphinx search engine. I may later switch to using the Elephant database, and adding support for synchronous interaction via Monster Mountain.

I'm the only one who has written source code for this project so far, and I'm disowning my copyright and transferring the work into the public domain (in lieu of using a copyright license). Contributed modules are welcome. --Joseph Corneli, May 17, 2009.

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You can browse our CVS repository or download the current development tree via anonymous cvs, as described here

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